A smart robot?

Better – an intelligent digital twin to give the robot real smarts.

Twin Robotics ?

Twin Robotics publishes software for industrial robotics integrating the concepts of Digital Twin and Industry 4.0. The developed application suite makes it possible to simulate robotic cells in the field of Non-Destructive Testing (Thermography, Tomography, Ultrasound, Terahertz, etc.). The behavior of the NDT sensor is also simulated.

The software is designed as an Open Platform and agnostic to robot or NDT sensor manufacturers. Like robotic metrology, AI is used to define and optimize inspection trajectories.

Our 4 products


As a technology provider, you can embed our software suite into your application to immediately gain robot path-planning, Digital Twin capability (robot modeling, sensor integration, CAD part input and calibration…) and a complete base for your algorithms.

Open Platform

Do you have an application in mind? Our software platform excels at integrating Open Source and Third Party software. You can build your application on top of our software and use our GUI builder or use yours to access our functionality through our API.

AI Auto-Programing

AI Auto-Programming: Take advantage of our coupled knowledge in AI and NDT to create an Intelligent product which auto-programs your task at hand. Simplify user experience.

e-hub distributor

e-hub distributor: Need a solution ASAP? We are partners with ac&e and will provide their proven, stable, world class off-line programming system to meet your needs:
– e-hub vision to simulate and program robot carrying camera applications (tomography, thermography, 3d scanners…)
– e-hub NDI to simulate and program ultrasonic NDI applications (TTU and phased arrays)
– StruCIM, DSTV file to plasma cutting program. Welding from CAD to program.

In numbers

Company created in 2020 by founders with over 100 years between them of robot simulation experience mentoring a young smart developer team with next generation abilities.





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